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Treats seasonal allergies.

Brainfood honeycomb
Beekeeper with Honeycomb

Interested in keeping bees? 

Beekeeper removing a colony of honeybees

We have completed hundreds of removals and have found the best method for removing bees and relocating them. In most cases our beekeepers can successfully relocate bees within 24 hours!

Leading in customer satisfaction for the last 4 years and proudly serving the Bay Area for years to come!

Beekeepers staning in front of beehives with a lens flare

Host our bees and receive 
honey from us!

Brainfood honey brand body scrub

Use BRAINFOOD Body Scrub in the shower or bath when you're in need of a deep exfoliator, refreshing clean and moisturizer all in one! 
$10.27 each 



Tell everyone about our honey..

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