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Introduction to Beekeeping




2 Weeks


About the Course

The sky is the limit. Now that you have found interest in beekeeping you need to know how to keep bees. This simple guide will show you the dos and don’ts and keep you on track to a successful first year of beekeeping. We will talk about the different choices you have to make when getting started and how to tackle these hard decisions with laser focus.

Beekeeping is fun and will be rewarding once you are successful, our strategy targets being efficient and will give you the insight to think like a bee and match your habits to suit their needs.

Your Instructor

Cody Trubic

Cody Trubic

I have spent the last 10 years learning every aspect of beekeeping. The ‘Save the bees’ movement of 2013 inspired me to take action right after graduating Nature Coast high school. My first mentor in beekeeping was a local man, who would take me around with him to bee yards and show me what he had learned in his lifetime. I believe it's important to share with others some of the secrets that form discipline and lead to strong beekeeping skills and profitable companies. I've spoken at many lectures including the UF/IFAS extension for the Master Gardeners and Local plant clubs.
I've worked with a Fisher Bee Farm on the commercial scale and now enjoy the freedom to work for myself and teach online while traveling the country. I look forward to meeting you in class.

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