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How to get rid
of Honeybees

The real method to getting bees out of your home. To suggest using poisons is just not responsible. Never hire cheap "removal experts" that don't remove the whole nest. Beekeepers adopt the bees they remove from your home and it has costs. 

Brainfood honey provides a service to relocate the bees that are in your home to our farm. 

Our strategy will be dependent on the location of your bees.  

Wall or attic bees. 

If the bees are in an uninsulated window or wall cavity you are going to have to gain access to the nest. No simple way around it, once you get in there bees are going to try to sting you. they settle down if you remain calm. This is why professionals are comfortable around bees. Cut comb containing egg and rubber band it to a frame. 


Solid wall no access 

This is probably where you say no, to a contractor suggesting to knock down the south facing wall of your home to get to the bees out. True story. There are unlimited things you can spend your afternoon doing but wasting my time is not in the playbook. (With homeowners consent) We drill a 1 inch hole where we think the nest should be.
If bees evacuate, drill a second hole at the highest point of the wall under the cement cap. in the photo I drilled level with the top of the window and that's where the nest was. Honey bees likely will be in the highest and warmest part of the nest. 


Floor Bees

This floor needed to be cut to expose the colony. After suiting up and heavily smoking this colony, start by scraping the combs and sorting brood combs and honey combs in different buckets. Rubber band like before and come back at night to pick up the box full of bees. 


Tree bees

The best way to remove bees from the tree is.. you guessed it, the solid wall method. In addition to using swarm bait in your catch box, you may want to add a frame of open brood to stimulate bees that encourage others to join. Keep the box separate from the tree but at level with old entrance. 


Swarm of bees

Best old school beekeeping technique, to make this capture effective you need to bait your box with swarm lure, and position the box underneath the beard of bees. Support the box on top of a ladder to free your hands. Scrape the bottom of the branch with one swipe knocking off the bees from the branch. 

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